Robert Mondavi at his winery in the 1960s.

Modern Era

(1950 - Present)

Following her husband’s death, Caroline Stelling married General Robert G. Landry and began selling portions of the family’s Oakville estate to various individuals and wineries. Following Caroline Landry’s death in 1960, a portion of the property was held in trust for her children Doug and Cara Stelling, while the remainder of the land was subdivided and sold many times over. The To-Kalon name was confusingly attached to various Stelling parcels regardless if they were located within H.W. Crabb’s 527-acre To-Kalon estate or adjacent properties. Misconceptions over land ownership continue today as vineyards and wineries claim Crabb’s legacy. However, historic Napa County maps and property deeds indicate that the 527-acre To-Kalon estate is currently owned by the Robert Mondavi Winery, Opus One Vineyard, Andy Beckstoffer, University of California, Davis, Harlan Estate Winery, and Futo Wines. (The Robert Mondavi Winery and Opus One Vineyard holdings also encompass a portion of the McGill ranch.) A handful of small parcels contain a church, commercial building, and private residences not associated with the wine industry. With the continued predominance of vineyards and minimal intrusions in the landscape, H.W. Crabb would undoubtedly recognize the modern iteration of his famed To-Kalon estate.
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