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This site is a historical & educational resource focusing on H.W. Crabb's To-Kalon estate compiled by second generation vintner Jeremy Nickel. This online resource provides an accurate, illustrated narrative of To-Kalon’s history, educating users on the significance of this renowned wine making estates.

Discover the Engaging History of the Famed To-Kalon Estate

The historic To-Kalon estate forms the heart of California’s renowned Napa Valley. H.W. Crabb acquired 240 acres near Oakville in 1868 and expanded his estate to 526 acres by his death in 1899. Over three decades, he transformed his property into the pioneering winery To-Kalon. A prolific experimenter, H.W. Crabb collected upward of 400 varietals and lent his expertise in viticulture, winemaking, and soil quality. He became a top producer of wine, both in quality and quantity, among the first generation of Napa Valley wineries. A keen businessman, Crabb established a nationwide distribution network that boosted both his wine sales and Napa Valley’s reputation as a premier wine region. H.W. Crabb’s To-Kalon continues to be recognized as a significant estate in California’s viticultural history.
Portrait of H. W. Crabb , 1890
Courtesy of the California Historical Society
Vintner, Jeremy Nickel's "History of To-Kalon"