Oakville has a storied history, and is well known as one of Napa Valley’s best appellations with world class conditions for growing Cabernet Sauvignon. The reputation Oakville has today is owed to the historical estate To-Kalon. To-Kalon today is known by most to be the best wine growing land on the continent, with a story that dates way back to 1868 when the estate was originally established in the Napa Valley.

In 1868, Hamilton Walker (H.W.) Crabb purchased 240 acres in Oakville in the heart of Napa Valley. With two subsequent land acquisitions in 1879 and 1889, he expanded his property to 527 acres and transformed it into a working estate that included his pioneering vineyard, winery, and stock farm. He christened his estate To-Kalon, or Greek for the “the beautiful” or “the highest good.” Following Crabb’s death in 1899, To-Kalon went through three key eras of ownership: the Churchill era (1899-1943), the Stelling era (1943-1950), and the modern era (1950-present). Over the last century and a half all of these families have shared in building the To-Kalon region we know today, and the reputation it holds for growing some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon the world has to offer.


Explore different eras

H. W. Crabb

(1868 - 1899)
A History of one of To-Kalon’s early pioneers, Mr Hamilton Walker Crabb.

Churchill Era

(1899 - 1943)
An overview of Edward S Churchills purchase and management of the To-Kalon estate.

Stelling Era

(1943- 1950)
An insight into real estate magnate Martin Stelling Jr & his investments in the To-Kalon region.

Modern Era

(1950- PRESENT)
Following the history of To-Kalon up until present day, highlighting recent proprietors in the region.
Vintner, Jeremy Nickel's "History of To-Kalon"